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Medicated Fiction, Side Effects May Include...

Avoid Operating Heavy Machinery. Take with Food.

I've started locking more of my entries. I keep some of my stories here, but most of them are on Superstories and the Rolo Realm; a smaller handful of them are on AFF.net. I welcome people who friend me, I'm not picky, but be warned: My life frequently sucks. My entries featuring my creative stuff are usually, mostly separate from my personal posts, so if you found me by one of my other links somewhere, you can still peek at those as a public user.

I'm less complex than I think I am. Born in the seventies, high school in the eighties. An AA and a BA that I never use since most of my professional career has been in health insurance, something I learned from the bottom up at work. I have a vivid imagination, but I'm disorganized. I'm not even a pessimist; I'm a fatalist. You say into every life a little rain must fall; I say no matter what the weather, we're all gonna die.

Not much to say beyond that. I write and draw "scribbles," i.e. stuff that comes to me in the middle of the night or when I'm doing something mundane. I don't get paid for any of it. My husband despises it.

I don't do RPG's, but there are a few fandoms that I love. I fic. I do occasional fanart. I sew. I paint. I'm not a "nerd" in the classic sense of being technical or analytical. I'm more of a misfit. And proud of it.
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